Clash Royale – 2021 Quarter 1 Update and Season 22 news

The new season for Clash Royale, Season 22, arrived on April 5th.

Developed and published in 2016 by Supercell, the multiplayer real-time strategy mobile game Clash Royal has just received its Quarter 1 update, which has introduced a new category of items called Magic Items allowing players to upgrade cards quicker as well as giving more choice over which cards they receive. Magic Items unlock at King Level 4 and can be used to enhance or add progress to cards and open chests. Here is a description:

  • Wild Card – these cards come in four rarity levels and can be converted into any card of matching rarity that the player already owns. When opening a chest above Arena 4, there is the possibility that the player will receive a Wild Card instead of a regular card.
  • Book of Cards – immediately grants the player the number of cards necessary to upgrade a card to its next level. These also come in four levels of rarity.
  • Book of Books – like the Book of Cards but works on any card regardless of rarity.
  • Magic Coin – allows the player to upgrade a card to its next level without spending any Gold.
  • Chest Key – allows the player to instantly open a chest won via the ladder instead of spending Gems.

Magic Items are found in Chests, Trophy Road, in the Shop, Pass Royale, and in Special Challenges. Although it should be noted that not all Magic Items are available in every method. Some can be found one way, others at a different location. For example, only Wild Cards will be found in Chests. Since these items are very powerful, the player will only be able to hold a certain amount of each item, with the max inventory limit increasing according to the player’s King Level.

There is often at least a little bit of balancing in each season, and this new season will be no different. There will be a significant amount of rebalancing, affecting the following cards:

  • Mother Witch – damage is being increased by 14%, hit speed by +8%. This should make the unit more useful as a ranged attacked and more viable in matchups.
  • Bomber – elixir cost decreased from 3 to 2, hitpoints, and damage decreased by about 30%. This change was made to provide more low-cost options to Wall Breaker and spell bait decks.
  • Knight – hitpoints slightly decreased by 5%
  • Elite Barbarians – slightly increased hit speed
  • Hunter – first hit slowed down from .7 seconds to 1.1 seconds
  • Zappies – slightly slower first hit
  • Three Musketeers – time to deploy is twice as fast at just 1 second
  • Witch – slightly increased attack range
  • Cannon Cart – movement speed decreased from fast to medium.
  • Heal Spirit – damage will be returning to its original strength, reversing the nerf it received in Season 18. Its heal radius will be reduced by 28%.
  • Balloon – death damage decreased by 27%
  • Bomb Tower – death damage reduced by half.
  • Giant Skeleton – damage increased by 28%, and death damage reduced by about half.

There have also been some bug fixes. Copying and pasting decks will now be working as intended, so pesky visual glitches will no longer be happening during battle when copying cards. A bug that blocked players from attacking boat defenses has been fixed. Also fixed was the bug that allowed players to enter Clan War battles with decks of fewer than 8 cards, causing the battle to be played with duplicate cards.

Currently available on iOS and Android, there can be no doubt of Clash Royale’s popularity. Within a year of its release generated roughly $1 billion in revenue, and within three years reached $2.5 billion in revenue for Supercell. This 22nd season will be sure to bring in even more players.

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