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Clash Royale is a multiplayer, real-time strategy, and card-focused mobile game developed and released by Supercell in 2016. The game focuses on a face-off between two or four players (1v1 or 2v2) who have to destroy each other’s towers and save their one with the time playing against them. The principal target that results in immediate triumph is devastating the King’s Tower.

In less than a year of being in the market, Clash Royale achieved the milestone of reaching $1 billion in revenue. Another win for this competitive, freemium MOBA game is that it was awarded the 2nd most discussed iOS game of 2016.

Players have three minutes to destroy each other, which can continue for two more minutes if both players or teams won the same number of crowns or if none managed to take down any tower. In case nobody wins again, in the next round, all players’ health starts dropping fast, and who loses their well-being first also loses the tower.

Another possible endgame is a draw, which happens if two players have an equal percentage of health remaining. The overall rank in the game is consistent with the number of trophies awarded to a player. These are the King levels, which one can get with card upgrades and donations.

Level 13 is the furthest players can go, and thanks to the 2018 update, they can gain Star Points for an abundance of experience. As you progress through the game, you’ll win and lose trophies depending on the battle outcome. The goal is to do better than their enemy in destroying their towers and to earn points. However, the best way to ensure a win is to devastate the opponent’s, King Tower. That results in instantly receiving three crowns.

Strategy thinking and immersive multiplayer battles

Clash Royale unfolds in 14 arenas, including the Training Camp, Bone Pit, and Spell Valley. But what makes the game unique is that your cards represent units, such as troops and spells. They are placed on a MOBA-like battlefield that contains two towers, plus the base players have to destroy and protect their own.

Before each game, you’ll have to build a deck with eight cards, which leads to the battle with four random cards. The only ones that can’t be used are Mirror and Elixir Collector. Even though this might sound too simple compared to other games in the genre, it gets much more engaging with the time. As you get deeper into Clash Royale, you’ll know immediately whether your cards will work for you or not.

Thus, you’ll learn that the game doesn’t require you to be a veteran like in a typical CCG. Instead, you’ll develop a knack for how Clash Royale functions and which cards are favorable. Besides, some might find the real-time strategy and MOBA elements discouraging, but they are not overly perplexing nor overwhelming.

These aspects make the game more engaging because you’ll have to use your wisdom when deciding which units to play. Moreover, it’s also necessary to determine how fast you can manage them and whether you’re doing it accurately. It is unlike other RTS games, such as StarCraft. Others are typically filled with multiple commands that demand quick and precise decision-making.

Clash Royale isn’t that complex nor adrenaline-fueled, yet it gives enough enticement to make you care about every decision you make. Thus, it uses the simple drag and drop system, allowing you to effortlessly position units from your hands to the battlefield. However, it’s crucial to think well about where you’ll place each unit. It is why the game often resembles Clash Clans and its elementary AI system.

Not every unit will behave the same, which is why some could attack what’s in their proximity while others might have different priorities, such as structure-targeting. The card’s cost depends on the power level, and it increases as you progress. However, you’ll find that some less expensive cards can defeat the costly ones if used at the right moment and wisely.

That’s the case with the Prince card, which will probably be the first epic you’ll get to use. It takes five elixirs to use it, and you’ll likely perceive it as the one that’s challenging to overpower. However, once you get more comfortable with the game and start exploring, you’ll discover that the Tombstone card can devastate the Prince, even though it costs two elixirs less.

The goal is to practice your strategy, uncover what works well, and learn how to respond to powerful cards like the Prince. Clash Royale offers many similar examples, letting you see how many opportunities lie within a seemingly small card pool. There are many ways to tweak your strategy and make your moves destructive for the opponent. It is also what makes Clash Royale different from its predecessor and, perhaps, more similar to chess.

Although many try to compare Clash Royale with other games, it is a unique experience that’s inherently inspired by MOBA, giving it more pressure and adrenaline. Your cards are the backbone of your power in the game, but Clash Royale ensures the balance between new and seasoned players by keeping the chest opening process slow.

A genuinely engaging game

Clash Royale received many unfavorable critics due to the long waits on the timed chest locks, but it is a significant element in keeping the game well-balanced. If you allow yourself to go beyond that, you’ll uncover an inherently fun experience that demands deep strategic thinking.

The game is uncluttered and free from complexities while still requiring well-thought-out decision-making and moves. It is what makes Clash Royale a fun, accessible, and engaging mobile game.

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