Clash of Clans – Who will win $1 million?

The 2021 Clash of Clans esports season kicks off this month with the March Clan War League. This warm-up and other events of the next couple months will build excitement for the final championship event this Fall in which 8 teams will compete for a $1 million prize.

Clash of Clans – This year’s esports season looks like it will be a big one with the changes Supercell has made to the qualifying factors. Competitors will need a clan of at least 15 members in order to compete in the Clan War League. With most teams having clans with half that number, this change has vastly increased the number of slots available for players that want to try their hand in the realm of CoC esports.

Right now, almost every CoC esports team around the world is ramping up on their recruitment to build a team with the required number of members. Consider joining! Although, keep in mind that you will need to have the highest possible level Town Hall in order even to be eligible to play. If you do meet that minimum requirement and are interested in competing, consider going to Twitter and replying to the pinned tweet on the Clash of Clans Esports Twitter page for the chance to be recruited by a team looking to add more members. We wish you good luck!

Clash of Clans

There are slated to be loads of monthly events and clan wars leading up to the World Championship. Supercell announced the Clash Worlds Warmup tournament this month will include a $40K prize for the winning clan. The top 8 clans of the Clan War League Champion tier from the March CWL Championship will also be invited to compete against the 2020 World Finalists from around the globe. This warm-up event will have 4 days of play this month, on March 20th, 21st, 27th, and 28th.

As for the main event of the Clash of Clans World Championship 2021, it will be running from May through October. The first eleven days of each month will be filled with tournament playtime, with each month having its own unique qualification requirement. Players can sign their clans up each month, and if they make it through the Clan War, they can play in the Pre-Qualifying match. The best teams will go on to play in the Monthly Qualifier in which they have the opportunity to earn a golden ticket to the Grand Finals and may even go on to win the shell-shocking $1 million prize!

Although if you end up not qualifying for one of the events, you can still participate in another qualifier match. And there will also be the Last Chance Qualifier in which teams who came in second place in the preview qualifiers, as well as four wildcard teams from external tournaments, will compete for the few remaining spots.

After all qualifying matches are complete, a total of just 8 teams will compete in the Grand Finals this Fall. Best of luck to all competitors!

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