Brawl Stars – #JurassicSplash Update

Just in time for summer, Brawl Stars has released its #JurassicSplash update: boasting a new Brawl Pass Season, additional brawlers, and lots of novel gadgets.

The new brawlers for this update are Buzz, a dinosaur lifeguard, and Griff, a money-obsessed manager. Buzz is the season’s rare Chromatic Brawler, while Griff is an Epic fighter. All of Buzz’s attacks are lifeguard-themed, with his Super move consisting of him throwing a rescue tube at enemies to stun them. Griff, on the other hand, does damage based on firing coins or more powerful banknotes at enemies. His gadget is a piggy bank bomb.

In addition to the new Jurassic Splash Brawl Pass season, the update adds a few other new game modes. This includes four new sports-themed Modes: Basket Brawl, Hold the Trophy, Volley Bowl, and Trophy Thieves. Knockout has also been installed as a permanent mode. There are three new Challenges for this season. The Griff Challenge offers a chance to get Griff for free before his mainstream release, while the Vicious Bibi challenge lets players get their hands on the new Vicious Bibi skin. Finally, the game has introduced the Latin American Masters’ League Challenge. For this challenge, Brawl Stars has made numerous new suits featuring characters wearing uniforms from top football clubs in Latin America.

Aside from these sets, developers have introduced 15+ other suits, including a dino-themed outfit for Leon and the aforementioned new look for Bibi. To mark the one-year-anniversary of Brawl Stars’ debut in China, all players can also now get a free Mega Box suit for Darryl.

#JurassicSplash also boasts new gadgets for ten characters. These include a lollipop that makes Leon and his party invisible, a leaf blower that Gale can use to summon a tornado to stop enemies from approaching, and a cactus that Spike utilizes to provide cover and heal his party. For players looking to make maps, developers have added several new tile and environmental options. This includes healing tiles, tiles that spawn spikes, and the option to have a meteor shower or make all players move more quickly.

There have been a few changes introduced to general gameplay.  Players will now respawn without ammunition on spots that will be clearly marked on the game map. Any map modifiers will also be more clearly displayed at the start of the round.

In a bid to make the game more balanced, developers have introduced a suite of changes to some character’s abilities. Byron, Gale, Penny, Shelly, and Lou, now have slightly more powerful attacks, while Carl, Jacky, Tick, Stu, and Max have had their power dialed down a bit. The mechanics of gadgets and attacks have been changed for Belle, 8-BIT, Bo, Nani, and Colette. Finally, Bull, El Primo, Frank, and Jacky now all gain charge for their Super Abilities from the damage they cause to the opposing team. To get more information on this update, visit Brawl Stars’ #JurassicSplash blog post or look for updates on their Twitter page.

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