Brawl Stars video game review – complex and surprising

Brawl Stars is a free-to-play 3rd person hero shooter and multiplayer battle arena (MOBA), developed and released by Supercell in 2018.

Brawl Stars includes different game modes, and players select their Brawler characters by unlocking the Boxes, Trophy Road, or Brawl Pass. However, they can also use the Shop to purchase them there.

Players can also buy various items such as skins and enhance their appearance, sounds, and animations. The Brawl Pass allows most of these opportunities, and one can get it after participating in battles and getting progress Tokens.

Variety is one of the best elements of Brawl Stars. For instance, players can play with their friends or family by sending an invitation, although the team size depends on the game mode. Objectives also rely on the mission type. Because of that, you might have to be the last Brawler standing, or you’ll have the be the one who gathered the highest amount of diamonds.

The team face-off is also engaging. For instance, if you pick the Deathmatch, you will have to devastate the opposing team. On the other side, if you decide to select Heist, you’ll have to rob the opponents. Whatever the scenario, you will likely enjoy the novelty and exciting actions.

Moreover, combat is refreshing, and all the characters have their skillset, emphasizing skill diversity. Although there are over 30 Brawlers, each is unique and has its own value that manifests in different attacks, super moves, and passive abilities.

But there are also rules. For example, you can only use the super move occasionally, even though these have an intense influence on the combat course. You can go as far as generating a black hole that will suck in your opponents.

But overall, what can you expect from this game? Does it live up to the hype? We played it for you, and here is what we thought.

Variety of options

Regardless of their age, all players will likely have fun playing Brawl Stars because it covers all the elements to keep the entertainment and adrenaline levels high. Brawl Stars centers around choosing a brawler and playing against another brawler to reduce their health points to zero.

With various available characters, you won’t struggle to find the one whose abilities appeal to you and can be used against multiple opponents. Thus, each of them possesses two-star powers that improve a particular brawler’s element or aspect.

However, it is the game’s various modes that make Brawl Stars worth your time. There are enough options to keep you engaged for a long time. For example, you can choose a three versus three option known as Gem Grab, where your team will go against another one and compete to gather ten gems first.

On the other side, Brawl Ball consists of a face-off between two teams, fighting to reach two goals before the other one achieves it. Showdown is perhaps among the most engaging modes, and it includes ten players who have to participate in combat against each other and be the ones to survive. Meanwhile, the poison gas will play against all of them and force them to the center of the battlefield.

Moreover, Brawl Stars offer restricted-time events, such as Present Plunder, and ticket competitions, such as Boss Fight. The game also has the monthly Brawl Stars Championship mode. During this event, you have to achieve 15 wins while playing in the 3v3 game.

Thanks to the variety of modes, it is nearly impossible to get bored at any point, no matter how many times you played the game. Thus, each of them has a unique goal, and it can be beyond challenging to achieve it.

Brawl Stars shines out in another aspect, and that’s in ensuring a balance between the players’ abilities. Hence, it includes matchmaking that mixes opponents with similar skills. Thanks to that, you will play against someone whose brawler has the same amount of trophies. There are no fears of a face-off against a seasoned player that can take you down without a challenge.

As a result, the game is fair, and it gives everyone an equal starting point, ensuring everyone has the same odds of being the winner. Additionally, Brawl Stars never rests, and it receives new updates regularly, introducing novel characters, skins, and modes. Thus, there are rarely any glitches or bugs because the developers take care of this too.

Other than that, the game is easy to play, accessible, and offers various options. The graphics are neat and colorful, providing cartoon-like visuals that make the experience more fun. The main menu itself is simple but detailed, and you will have no problems navigating the game.

Like game modes and abilities, brawlers also have unique appearances, and each of them expresses a different personality. The maps are distinctive, making them easy to remember and use. Thus, Brawl Stars is smooth, and the performance is flawless.

The matchmaking pace is also beyond satisfying, and you’ll get your opponent quickly. Considering that the game receives regular updates, the community is alive, and you can expect the same with any game mode you choose. Thanks to that, you will have reasonable odds of winning the match and being paired against a player with a similar skillset and trophies.

Easily one of the best mobile games

Brawl Stars offer a perplexing game structure, but it doesn’t make it too difficult to understand, navigate, or enjoy. Instead, it ensures engaging gameplay, frequent updates, and a loyal community of players.

Due to having various game modes, characters, and novelties, Brawl Stars reaches the top of the best mobile games with ease.

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