Bowser’s Fury (Super Mario 3d World bundle pack) – a colorful and playful cat-themed adventure

Bowser’s Fury is an action-adventure platform video game developed by Nintendo EPD and released by Nintendo in 2021. The game is a part of a Super Mario 3D world release for Nintendo Switch. The game takes place in a cat-themed realm and open-world setting where the player takes the role of Mario to overcome various challenges and set free Bowser.

Bowser’s Fury was the best-selling video game of February 2021 in the United States, and it generally received favorable critics. However, many reviewers thought that the game was didn’t have the same technical and framerate standards as the previous entries.

The story is connected to the one from the main game. Hence, it starts with Mario taking a stroll next to Peach Castle on a sunny day. It is where Mario and the gang encountered the broken Clear Pipe in the other entry.

He notices tiny puddles of sludge and follows them. That path takes him to the black graffiti that expands and tempts Mario to explore it. Of course, the curious character walks into the portal and ends up in a strange place known as Lake Lapcat.

After finding himself in this unfamiliar locale, he sees Bowser, who is considerably bulkier and more mighty this time. Mario also discovers a Cat Shine nearby that clears the sludge off a lighthouse that was in its proximity. To Mario’s surprise, the light coming from the lighthouse hurts Fury Bowser and forces him to retreat to the lake. At that moment, a few islands arise from the water, waiting to be explored.

Not long after, Mario encounters Bowser’s son, Bowser Jr., who explains that the black pain he used started damaging his father. That is a node to the Paper Mario: Color Splash events. Hence, it is clear that Bowser and his son are in trouble, and Mario has to help them. That sets of the game, and Mario and Bowser Jr. start their adventure.

Bowser’s Fury strays aways from the previous entries in various aspects. But does that makes it inherently worse?

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Explosion of colors and obstacles

Even though they come as a bundle, Bowser’s Fury is a standalone entry, and you can play it without experiencing Super Mario 3D World first. Besides being an independent version, Bowser’s Fury is also a reminder of how much Nintendo likes innovation.

Hence, this is the first entirely open-world entry of the franchise. Comparing the mechanics only, Bowser’s Fury has little to no differences from the 3D World. For instance, the game still allows you to dress up like a kitten, but it introduces a 360-degree camera command, making this entry feel more up-to-date. Besides creating an in-depth environment exploration, Bowser’s Fury does more.

Contrary to the main game, this one takes place on small islands. It is why you shouldn’t expect diverse worlds and levels, but that isn’t to say Bowser’s Fury doesn’t deliver. Instead, this entry introduces novelties, and it makes the islands interconnected through a set of challenges you have to overcome. During this thrilling journey, you should assemble bright coins that will lead you to additional areas to explore.

Bowser’s Fury will keep you entertained for hours as it has many activities and things to offer, such as stellar puzzles, boss fights, and climbing gigantic towers. On the other side, the obstacles in this entry are not as meticulous as in the previous games.

Instead, everything is messy, colorful, and you will find various distractions all over the place. Yet, it feels welcoming, warm, and playful. The locales you’ll encounter in Bowser’s Fury are equally fun and entertaining as in the 3D World.

The architecture is tropical, which gives a refreshing vibe. But there is so much to discover and overcome in Bowser’s Fury – from beaches that generate a maze to molten lava. As usual, some challenges are easier than others. As you get closer to the finish, the obstacles become more difficult because the clock works against you. Undoubtedly, you will have to sweat for each coin.

Another element of the game that makes it extra thrilling is that you’ll work in a team with Bowser Jr., who can help you beat your opponents and decide the next moves. Hence, finding a way to turn giant Bowser into a grumpy lizard again will be filled with adventures and good company.

The ultimate battle requires a lot of struggle, even to get to the point of facing the giant Bowser. Before you get there, you’ll have to gather enough shiny tokens to unlock the temple and get a hold of the colossal bell that will turn you into a gigantic cat Mario, worthy of Bowser’s size.

That will likely happen several times before you beat your opponent because Bowser’s abilities increase every time you attack him. However, you will always know what you are fighting for and what’s the final objective.

Overall, Bowser’s Fury feels a tad different from other entries in the series, but the essence and adventure stay the same with an extra dose of adorableness.

Chaotic, unpredictable, and cute

With its colorful chaos and playful distractions, Bowser’s Fury structure has a less meticulous approach than other entries in the series. Yet, this game is ultimately entertaining and unpredictable, which will keep you going until you beat your opponent.

Bowser’s Fury feels more innovative, curious, and challenging, but at some point, you will probably miss the old Super Mario formula. Other entries likely won’t follow this path, but Bowser’s Fury stays as one of the cutest and most colorful games.

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