Bloons TD 6 – Update! Version 24.0

The latest version of Bloons TD 6 is sure to bring some interesting changes for players, including a new melee hero, new trophy store items, and limited time opportunities!

Released in 2018, Bloons TD 6 is the latest version of the Bloons Tower Defense series developed and published by Ninja Kiwi. The game is currently available on Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Version 24.0 of Bloons TD 6 has some very big changes coming. First, the map unlocking system has been reworked. Instead of unlocking in the same order for all players when beating a map from a lower difficulty, players will now gained the option to choose a map from the next higher difficulty to unlock. According to the patch notes, this was “in response to watching many new Twitch streamers wanting to choose the look of a later map in the list but having to go one by one, and we like the flexibility to choose within each difficulty much better.”

Additionally, the experience gained from Freeplay has been decreased from a 90% deduction to 70%. However, whatever the game mode, rounds beyond 100 will remain at the 90% reduction. The patch notes indicate this was to make sure that players continue to have fun going into free play, especially in co-op.

For many, the most exciting addition is likely the introduction of a new hero, Sauda the Swordmaster. This melee hero, named after the Korean word for ‘fight’, has low range but very high pierce and attack speed, making her very effective near chokepoints. She has two abilities, the Leaping Sword Attack, which causes Sauda to slam down, doing heavy damage in an area, and places blades that do damage to bloons that pass through the field of damage, and Sword Charge, which does high damage in a line. Both of these abilities do damage Lead bloons.

There are also some items added that will only be available for a limited time, including Obyn Bunny Pet, Obyn’s Eggs Avatar, Chocolate MOAB, Chocolate BFB, Bunny Ear Bloons, and Dartling Easter Eggs projectiles for Buckshot & Hydra Rockets.

The Golden Bloon has returned! A chosen map in each difficulty will now contain an extra Golden Bloon every 10 rounds. These Golden Bloons can get tricky to pop on the higher rounds but do not cost any lives when they escape. If popped successfully, every Golden Bloon will reward a small monkey money bonus. According to the patch notes, Ninja Kiwi made this change because they “had feedback from players that they like chasing the Collection Reward bonuses on different maps and that they’d like to have a way to earn a bit more Monkey Money each game. Adding the Golden Bloon helps address those items, and making it evolve and stay relevant as late-round power grows feels good to us from a design side.”

Race Pass IAPs have been added to the game, with each pass granting unlimited race entries for an entire Race Event. Races have been very popular among players, so the developers are putting more effort into keeping the races challenging and fair and working with the community on race ideas, with a particular focus on improving replayability for dedicated players.

Lastly, there are quite a few balancing changes being made to monkeys, including a damage increase to the Dart Monkey, Boomerang Monkey, Heli Pilot, and a damage decrease for the Tack Shooter, Monkey Ace, and Super Monkey.

All said and done. This amounts to a staggering amount of new content and practical fixes. We hope you have fun!

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