Blade & Soul: Patch 12.0 – The Mischief Makers

The latest update to Blade & Soul is now live and brings with it a fair number of new exciting features and content.

Published and developed by Korean studio NCsoft and released in North America and Europe in 2016 (having already been available in Korea since 2012 and Japan since 2014), Blade & Soul is a fantasy-themed martial arts MMORPG available on iOS, Android, and Windows.

The latest update to Blade & Soul has introduced the 3rd skill specialization for the Summoner class called ‘The Way of Fantasy’. For those Summoners that have completed the “Legacy of the Hongmoon Clan” quest, this new skill specialization allows a Summoner to summon their cat familiar to hover on a flying saucer (yes, we’re serious) and aid the player in their quests, mostly by tanking damage.

Besides, there will be four new events called Candycloud Carnival, Twilight Harvest, Premier Path, and Hongmoon Headway. Each of these events will be active from April 14th to May 12th (So you still have plenty of time to participate).

First, to enter Candycloud Park to participate in the event, you must obtain the “Candycloud on the Horizon” quest from your Quest Journal. If you’ve already finished this quest, you can access Candycloud Park from Jadestone Village instead. Then you need to get the “Candycloud Calamity” daily quest from the event NPC. When you complete this quest, you will be awarded 20 Candycloud Taffy and 1 Starwheel Ticket. Completing this Daily Challenge five times will earn you an additional 20 Candycloud Taffy. You can use the Candycloud Taffy to buy various interesting, unique, and rare items from the Dragon Express, including but not limited to fireworks, scale fragments, elements and jewels, crystal bundles, fusion stones, and pet packs. Note, however, that some items have a limit on how many can be purchased per week per character or per account.

The Starwheel Ticket can be used at the Wheel of Fate in Hogshead Hamlet for a random chance to win 1 of 9 items per ticket, including a Sacred Vial, or Fusion Stone, or Sparkling Unity Pearl, and others. It’s a little confusing why NCsoft chose to awards items this way. Still, you can also win the Candycloud Couture Selection Chest, which gives you the choice of a Candycloud Familiar Outfit Pouch (which randomly contains one of ten items), or the Candycloud Outfit Selection Box, which allows the player to select one item. If you want, you can also save up your Starwheel Tickets and transmute them into items.

The Twilight Harvest event runs on weekends only, meaning you will only be able to participate on the following days: April 17th, 18th, 24th, 25th, and May 1st, 2nd, 8th, and 9th. Each time you complete the Rage Against the Longgui quest, you will earn Lunar Twilight Flowers, which can be exchanged for items. The Premier Path event is not particularly interesting, but it allows the player to transmute Special Hongmoon XP charms to Premier. The Hongmoon Headway event allows the player to redeem a Small Honing Oil Chest for Hongmoon Coins once per day. (Hongmoon coins can be used in the Hongmoon Store in the same way as NCoin).

There are also new items available in the Dragon Express, including the following:

  • Weekly Wonder Chest
  • Weekly Pet Chest
  • Weekly Etching Stone Chest
  • Weekly Splendor Stone Chest

It’s good to see that the Summoner class is finally receiving some attention to add more fun to their familiar, which is a fairly important element to their class the distinguishes it from other classes. However, most of the events are not really that exciting, but Candycloud has some decent rewards, so it might be worth your time to check it out.

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