Black Desert Online – update 1.82

Black Desert Online received a fairly large update last week and will be getting another exciting update next week, particularly affecting PvP balancing. Also, don’t miss out on the weeklong 24/7 Special Hot Time event in which you can earn 50% more items drops!

Black Desert Online received an update (Update 1.82) last week on May 18th, after a short downtime for maintenance. This update contains a massive total of 53 updates, including a new event, balancing changes, new quests, fixes to bugs and the UI, and minor improvements to localization.

The final matches in the Arena of Arsha Best-in-Class Championship event came to a close last week. As special thanks to all the players the supported and participated in the tournament, the Pearl Abyss team have prepared a new event called 24/7 Special Hot Time, during which the item drop rate for monsters has been increased by a massive 50%. This event started just a few days ago and ends on May 26th, so don’t miss out on this huge bonus.

Quite a few of the Sage’s abilities have been tweaked. The patch notes don’t specifically clarify any reasoning behind them, but the following list covers the changes:

  • Prime: Rift Chain – now applies ‘All DP +20 for 2 seconds’ and ‘Grapple Resistance +30%’ when the ability is used, and now adds Super Armor when the skill is used on cooldown.
  • Flow: Finishing Touch – a 17 second cooldown has been added.
  • Kyve Mastery – now stacks the effects of Prime: Overdrive in certain situations, such as during a jump attack.
  • Prime: Void Gateways – PvP damage has been reduced 14%.
  • Prime: Spatial Collapse – also received a PvP nerf of roughly 18% damage reduction.
  • Radiant Annihilation – ‘All Accuracy +9% for 10 seconds’ effect is now applied about the use of the skill.

A new weekly quest was added in which the player can obtain Elvia Ancient Spirit weapons as a reward. Upon completing the quest, the player will be given an option of either the Main Weapon box, Awakening Weapon box, or a Sub-Weapon box. Players can obtain the quest from Lejenti in Glish, but keep in mind that before you attempt to take this quest, you will first need to have completed the quest ‘[Elvia] Obsidian Ashes’, and that the quest can only be accepted by level 60 or higher characters on the Elvia Realm server. Aside from this, several other quests have been changed on the Elvia Server, mostly by decreasing the requirements to complete them.

As can be expected, there were quite a few bugs and issues that had to be addressed and thankfully were fixed, including the following:

  • A bug that would sometimes cause the ‘Arkanon’ effect to not activate upon use of the Radiant Annihilation skill.
  • An unusual and amusing bug that caused the Dark Knight to move abnormally when using W + Right Mouse Button after switching to Main Weapon while the Core: Spirit Hunt skill is on cooldown.
  • Fixed an issue where the completion screen for transferring game data did not display properly.
  • Steps were taken to mitigate an issue where the player’s character would sometimes move abnormally when participating in the Old Moon Grand Prix.
  • Extended the duration before the login session expires.

European gamers may be happy to know that the game also received some minor improvements to localization for German, French, and Spanish. Also fixed was an uncommon but annoying issue where the buttons on the password change pop-up menu displayed incorrectly in certain languages.

Next week we’re likely to see a very comprehensive rebalance to every player class in both PvE and PvP. At this point, it doesn’t appear evident how big these changes will be and which classes will be affected in what way, but thankfully we’ll all be finding out very soon.

Black Desert Online is a sandbox-like fantasy RPG developed and published by Pearl Abyss. Released in 2015 to mostly positive reviews, this free-to-play MMO is available on Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Android, and iOS. As of late last year, Black Desert Online has reached at least 40 million active players.

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