Black Desert Online – 5th anniversary celebration

New content is being added to mark the 5th anniversary of Black Desert Online.

Black Desert Online was released in 2015 by Pearl Abyss. This high-fantasy setting MMORPG was initially published for Windows and later expanded to the Xbox One and PS4 in 2019. So far, the game has had a terrific run and has earned decently positive reviews. 2021 marks its fifth year, and the developers intend to celebrate it.

Pearl Abyss announced that there would be 20 million lifetime players during the anniversary stream, and the in-game economy boasts 18 trillion Silver traded daily.

They also showed off several exciting new additions to the game, starting with a completely new original dungeon called Ataraxion. This co-op dungeon has been added to the Valencia main questline. The entrance is hidden in a secret room in the Ancient Stone Chamber behind the Ancient Guardian. Since it’s an open dungeon, players will be able to group up and fight together freely. Apparently, quite a few new and challenging enemies and puzzles await adventures, and you will need to work as a team to win. We wish all you players the best of luck!

It doesn’t stop there! In a teaser trailer, a new class was announced! Called the Sage, it will be added to the game’s roster and the end of the month. However, it looks like Pearl Abyss has decided to keep fans hungry for more because information about this class is currently very limited.

Additionally, players will be able to join the new Arena of Arsha. Run separately on each server (except those where Node or Conquest Wars are in progress), players can host a game for other players as an “Operator”. Note – you must be a guild master to reserve a match; however, a reservation costs 10 million silver. Beware, all reservations are final and non-refundable!

Once you enter, you will be able to invite other adventures to the match through the Battle Settings window, where they will be added to a waiting list. While the Operator will be able to place invited players into teams, participants can also choose their own teams. Operators will also be able to invite players to spectate the match.

We’re also very excited about a limited-time promotion being offered for PC players: Black Desert Online will be made available for free on Steam! To take advantage of the promotion you must head over to Black Desert Online store page and you should see the discount automatically applied at checkout.

Current players will also be getting gifts, just use the coupon code: ‘0225 WEARETHEONE!’ to receive free rewards based on your game system.

PC (Steam) Rewards:

  • Enhancement Help Kit II
  • Arcana of Fate Box
  • Black Spirit’s Special Dice Box
  • Special Title “Together As One”

Console (Xbox/PS) Rewards:

  • Enhancement Help Kit II
  • Cron Stone x 100
  • Special Title “Together As One”

Just keep in mind that this opportunity will only last until March 10th, so don’t miss out!

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