Apex Legends – the Titan’s arrival finally happening?

Could it be true? Are the Titans coming to our favorite battle royale game? – According to an Apex Legends dataminer, yes! It is finally happening.

A Twitter user and reputable data leaker, known as Biast12, shared his insights about Apex Legends in a tweet. There we can see a datamined gameplay clip that they acquired from Respawn’s game files.

As you can notice in the tweet, a character is spawning an Auto-Titan, also a well-known robot from the Titanfall franchise. However, various tweaks are visible, indicating that we shouldn’t expect the same type of action we are used to.

The character whose abilities aren’t known yet is seen summoning an Auto-Titan and opening a massive fire in front of an enormous robot. But even though fans likely imagined they would be able to take over the cockpit, it doesn’t seem that’s going to be the case.

Instead, the robot won’t be under the player’s control. According to the clip, the AI will pilot it and have complete power over it.

Anyway, we are beyond thrilled to see this node to the Titanfall series by Respawn Entertainment. Moreover, the developer cleared out the doubts, confirming that it resides in the same universe as Apex Legends. In the era of nostalgia and retro domination, it is heartwarming to see a familiar and iconic villain from the Titanfall franchise in Biast12’s tweet.

But what more do we know about the mysterious new character?

The Return of Titanfall’s IMC Commander, Blisk

The character from the gameplay clip that is causing impatient speculation by the players is said to be Blisk. If you are a fan of Titanfalls, you probably remember Blisk as the infamous IMC commander from both entries of this franchise. He was the main antagonist in the series, commanding the mercenary unit known as the Apex Predators.

However, there was also a rumor going around that Blisk established the Syndicate, responsible for the Apex Games birth from the Apex Legends universe. According to the leaked findings, it is already visible how this move can change the game’s course.

All the players that care deeply about finding more about the background of the series will have a lot to look forward to concerning both franchises. For instance, if you can summon an Auto-Titan to start the fire in the area around him with Blisk near him, this benefits the characters.

That addition would also make the game more challenging because you will need a powerful and massive character (e.g., Gibraltar) to ensure you can defend from the Titan.

Overall, Apex Legends players wanted to see the game featuring Titans for a long time. It is why this comes as a thrilling leak that many want to be authentic. Even though the developer said that Titans wouldn’t be a part of this battle royale, that seems to be changed. But no matter how good this addition appears to be, the clip indicates that players won’t have control of this character like they did in Titanfall.

Neither Respawn Entertainment nor EA confirmed any of this information, but we can imagine the possibilities it creates, including the potential of Titanfall 3 installment. But with Apex Legends still holding a powerful multiplayer game position, a new Titanfall game might be redundant at the moment.

Until further leaks or official statements, the only thing left is to wait to see whether the new character and potential continuation of the Titanfall series will actually happen.

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