Apex Legends: Season 9 is coming?

The next season of Apex Legends is expected in just a month. There’s still a lot of mystery about what will be included, but there are some fairly safe predictions we can make

Apex Legends was released for Windows, PS3, and Xbox One in 2019, on Nintendo Switch in 2021, and releases are anticipated for Android and iOS by 2022. Featuring competitive combat gameplay between up to 20 three-person squads or as many as 30 two-person duos, Apex Legends takes place in the same sci-fi universe as Respawn’s other well-known game titles, Titanfall and Titanfall 2.

The current season of Apex Legends (Season 8) is expected to end on May 3rd, meaning Season 9 is less than a month away, so as you can expect, many people are already making predictions. As the release for the next season will probably be on the 4th of May, it’s been speculated that some aspects of Season 9 will honor the Star Wars series (May the 4th is a pun on “May the Force be with you”). It wouldn’t be the first time that some SW content made its way into Apex Legends. Considering Respawn Entertainment developed Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, released recently in 2019, maybe something from that game might make an appearance.

Although it should be noted that it would be strange for any Star Wars characters to appear in Apex Legends. That would be more like what you’d expect in Fortnite. But cosmetics like a Jedi robe costume or a skin based on C3PO or R2D2 could theoretically make an appearance. As with every new season, there should be new weapon skins, weapon Charms, Skydive Emotes, Finishers, and music. We expect that these would be earned through the Battle Pass.

So far there’s still not much confirmed yet, but there are some things we know for sure, and some things that we are fairly confident are coming. For example, a Battle Pass will likely cost 950 Apex Coins as each season’s Battle Pass has cost this amount. And though it’s not yet known for sure, it is expected by quite a few Apex Legends players that there will be a new map released.

As for what’s not certain, there are rumors that Blisk (a character in Titanfall 2) may be the next Legend added to the game, as an unofficial video was released of a character calling a Titan as a special ability. That said, Respawn Entertainment has said in the past that they have thought about adding Titans into Apex Legends but decided not to because it was too difficult to balance. So maybe they’ve finally figured out a way to do it?

In any case, perhaps with the new season update, Respawn Entertainment will be able to arrange for measures to refund players for their losses against cheaters. A few weeks ago, it was announced that over 700 cheaters were banned from Apex Legends for hacking ranked matches at rank Gold and above. While this is exceptionally welcome news, it still does not completely resolve the issue because many players playing in ranked mode would have lost precious RP in an inherently unfair match. Thankfully the developers have acknowledged the issue and they appear to be working on a feature to return RP to players that lost it to a cheater in a ranked match. It’s also been suggested that players who are or have been boosted in rank by hacking teammates (perhaps through paid boosting) may be punished in some way.

Another very serious issue that many Apex Legends players are very hopeful Respawn fixes soon is an extremely damaging glitch that causes a player’s entire stash of cosmetic items to be lost. One victim of the bug lost roughly $2000 worth of skins and costumes after linking their EA account to the Xbox version of the game. (Even worse is that EA refused to support the player and even make the slightest attempt to return the lost cosmetics or provide a refund!) Please watch out for that!

It’s still too soon to know for sure what Season 9 will have in store, as there isn’t even an official trailer out, but as we learn more we will be sure to keep you updated.

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