Apex Legends – Season 11 “Escape”

Apex Legends Season 11 begins in just two weeks! Read here for more information about what players like you should expect!

Called ‘Emergence’, the tenth season of Apex Legends, which began in August, is drawing to a close in just a couple of weeks. Scheduled to end on the 2nd of November, this season added a new locked legend called Seer, a new weapon called Rampage, and a new ranked arenas.

Just a few days ago, there was another update released for Apex Legends, and it will likely be the last before Season 11 begins. Before we go into too much detail about Season 11, let’s start with what Update 1.82 brought to the table.

One of the biggest fixes by far was for a disastrously serious bug that consistently caused the game to crash. This bug was caused by the player selecting Epic rarity animated banners. For some reason, this bug was unusually difficult to fix, and the developers had to try multiple times to get the fix to work properly. This prolonged issue meant that the only reasonable solution for Respawn Entertainment, Apex Legends’ developers, in the short term was to warn players to simply avoid causing the bug by not equipping the animated banners. According to Ryan Rigney, Respawn Entertainment’s Community Director, this was “just one of those things that’s 10x more complicated than you’d expect.”

Aside from that, the following issues were also fixed by the 1.82 update:

  • Players were being randomly unreadied while matchmaking in ranked mode.
  • Audio and rendering issues with dropships.
  • Crypto’s drone not working properly in the Map room.
  • Constant issues with Pathfinder’s grappling hook cooldown.
  • Issues with Pathfinder’s beacons scanned tracker.
  • An exploit allowing players to completely refill the magazine of Rampart’s Mobile Minigun “Sheila” by performing a melee attack has been removed.
  • An oversight that caused Bloodhound’s raven to not display as white-colored in the lobby while wearing the Niflheim Hundr skin has been fixed.
  • Improvements were made to stability and memory optimization.

As for Season 11 “Escape” there shouldn’t be any doubt that Respawn Entertainment is planning on keeping the momentum up. It was officially announced that a new legend will be released. This new sword-weilding legend, Ash, was originally introduced to the world of Apex Legends way back in Season 5 as a non-player character and a cameo from Titanfall 2, the game from which the character originates. Currently, there isn’t a lot of public information out about the specifics of her abilities, but her ultimate ability appears to involve teleportation.

Additionally, while it does not appear to have been officially announced, there is a fair amount of speculation in the Apex Legends community that a fourth map will be added to the game, as dataminers have discovered that something called “Tropical Island” has been in the game’s files for a fairly long time, and the trailer for Season 11 suggests that this tropical island map may be a real possibility.

According to a blog-post by Respawn Entertainment, Season 11 will also be adding a new weapon called the Car SMG. This weapon should be familiar to some players, as it is also in Titanfall.

That’s a summary of most of the important details about Season 11 that’s been made available to the public. Please check in again soon for more information about Apex Legends as we will be sure to keep you updated as we learn more about the upcoming new season.

Apex Legends is available for Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch.

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