Angry Birds – classic that stays relevant despite time and ever-evolving technology

Angry Birds, also known as Angry Birds Classic, is an action casual puzzle video game developed by Rovio Entertainment and released in collaboration with Chillingo in 2009. This single-player game was initially available on iOS and Maemo devices only, but later the developers created versions for Android, Symbian, Windows Phone, BlackBerry 10, and PCs.

The gameplay is simple and addictive. Players use a slingshot to target pigs and launch birds at them. Multiple pigs stand across the field, and the mission is to destroy them all.

Angry Birds started as sketches, inspired by birds that were later stylized to become a game that soon became a worldwide hit. It is why the devs quickly adjusted it for different devices and platforms.

Thus, the game received a sequel in 2015, called Angry Birds 2. However, the original game is not available in the App Store due to being removed in 2019.

Despite being highly addictive, the game has simplistic gameplay that players loved from the get-go. But there is enough content to keep you entertained for hours. For instance, as you make progress in the game, you will encounter new kinds of birds. Some will have unique skills that you can unlock and advance with more ease.

Moreover, Angry Birds underwent various upgrades and updates thanks to Rovio Mobile, providing players with enough engaging content for a while. The game also has a stand-alone holiday version and other promotional additions.

Although it might be hard to imagine a game whose sole goal is to use birds to kill pigs could be that successful, there’s an explanation of how Angry Birds reached cult status. Many critics believe that the charm lies in gameplay that hooks you up, comical approach, and affordable price.

Indeed, Angry Birds isn’t expensive, but it started a highly profitable franchise, and many people consider this to be the best game ever.  It began as a mobile game, but its success kicked off versions for PCs and gaming consoles.

Angry Birds became that influential that it became a brand with various merchandising products, such as t-shirts. Thanks to that, fans got The Angry Birds Movie in 2016 that also received a sequel.

Ultimately, the franchise broke various records and reached billions of downloads, becoming one of the most mainstream games of the 2010s. Angry Birds is also among the leaders of the most successful apps in the last decade.

It is no surprise that on June 22, 2021, Rovio announced that the original game would probably come back to mobile platforms, as they’re working on this goal. That also shows their commitment to keeping up with fast-evolving technology, which was the reason why Angry Birds Classic left the App Store two years ago.

Angry Birds doesn’t require an introduction, and there’s hardly anyone who didn’t get the chance to hear about this franchise or see its fierce characters. But it’s time to go down memory lane and remember why we loved this classic so much.

Favorite addiction of many generations

Angry Birds is funny, often challenging, and easy to play. As the original game came out amidst the Swine Flu pandemic, the goal was to eliminate pigs hiding around various glass, metal, and wooden structures and houses.

The success of your attack would depend on your trajectory, responsiveness, and power. The game didn’t require you to be overly strategic about your moves. Instead, it was more about fast reflexes and quick thinking.

For instance, you could aim at the weakest point of a structure and crush it down, destroying more pigs. Even though this gameplay is similar to Crush the Castle, it’s much more addictive, and you can’t stop wishing to shot one more hog and see whether you’ll succeed.

Thus, the game also allowed using various birds, including the bluebirds that could split into three directions if you click on them in the middle of their flight. Hence, the goal was to deploy each bird at the right moment in levels with one fling.

Indeed, the formula is beyond simple, although it requires using controls precisely and dragging the bird back until you ensure she’ll make enough impact and go in the right trajectory. However, the number of birds players would get to use as a projectile was limited. So, it also required to think it through before shooting.

It is what made different generations find fun and comfort in this game. Even though the premise centers around killing pigs, there’s no graphics violence nor anything that could trigger negative feelings. Thanks to that, Angry Birds were innocent enough for children and entertaining enough for adults.

This game was the guilty pleasure many people had in common, which helped its popularity skyrocket and enter history. Angry Birds also had an educational potential for kids as it helped practice and improve planning and flexibility.

Since players would get a small number of available birds to destroy the pigs, the game required planning the next step and thinking about how it could unfold. Thus, each level was different, and it had an upward rate of difficulty. Because of that, players had to try various moves and strategies, adjusting their playstyle to the level and types of birds they got.

Game that started long-lasting changes

Angry Birds is a hyper addictive distraction, comfort, and pure fun. As a result, it gave the iOS App Store momentum and helped discover how powerful and influencing mobile games can be.

After turning into a franchise, Angry Birds went even further, stepping into the world of merchandising and becoming a brand that our generation will never forget.

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