Among Us – the long-awaited map “The Airship” is now available

The very highly anticipated fourth map in Among Us was released just a few hours ago, March 31st!

Officially announced as in development by Innersloth last September, The Airship arrived a few hours ago! This is the fourth map for Among Us, and is based on Infiltrating the Airship, a game in the Henry Stickmin series. This map is also the largest, with 17 rooms, three more rooms than the previous three maps (The Skeld, MIRA HQ, and Polus).

The following rooms and tasks have appeared in the Airship:

  • Armory – a room with weapons on the wall. The task in this room is “Put Away Rifles”
  • Brig – a small rectangular room with unopenable doors. This room is to the Vault’s right and to the left of the Gap Room, and has a hallway to the Engine Room.
  • Cockpit – containing a few computers, this room appears to be the starting spawn location. This room has four tasks, including “Upload Data”, “Stabilize Steering”, “Enter ID Code”, and “Accept Diverted Power”
  • Electrical – this room is made up of several smaller rooms connected by closeable doors. There is a hallway that leads to Security and a ladder that leads to another room. However, there doesn’t appear to be clarity yet on which room it goes to. This room has three tasks, including “Calibrate Distributor”, “Divert Power”, and “Reset Breakers”.
  • Engine Room – a long and fairly large room with an entrance on either side. The tasks in this room appear to be “Accept Diverted Power” and “Fuel Engines”.
  • Gap Room – this room has a large gap in the middle which must be crossed on a platform. The room’s left side leads to the Meeting Room and the Brig, while the right side of the room goes to the Records room.
  • Kitchen – contains usual kitchen items like sinks, a fridge, stoves, ovens, etc. The Kitchen is connected to the Security room and has a vent in the room’s top-right corner.
  • Medical – this room is like the Medbay in the other three maps, however unlike a MedBay, the “Submit Scan” task does not appear to be present. Whether this task was just hidden from view in the trailer or the plan is for a completely different task to be in this room is not yet known. We’ll have to find out tomorrow.
  • Meeting Room – contains a table and chairs and a panel for the “Accept Diverted Power” task. This room appears to have a camera on the left side. This room could be the location of Emergency Meetings, but this is currently unconfirmed.
  • Records – a large circular room consisting of bookshelves, a table, and chairs. The room’s left side leads to the Gap Room, and it looks like there is a camera by the left door.
  • Security – this room is fairly small and has three doors. There is a monitor at the end of the room where players can access Security. It appears that the door on the left leads to a hallway to the Kitchen.
  • Vault – this room is also circular and is divided into four sections. The door on the right leads to the Brig and looks like a camera is above the door.
  • Cargo Bay
  • Ventilation
  • Main hall – is one of the rooms where players can start after an emergency meeting.
  • Showers
  • Viewing Deck
  • Lounge

This update had to have been a challenge to get off the ground considering the fairly small five-person development team. One difficulty was ensuring the update would work on all devices, considering that the game is on PC, mobile, and Nintendo Switch. (The game is expected to arrive on the Xbox sometime later this year). Despite the massive success, Innersloth has remained committed to keeping the team small to avoid growing too large too fast and leaving team-mates unsupported.

We have been looking forward to The Airship for over a month, so we’re feeling very excited to play. Time to catch some Impostors!

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