Among Us – Summer 2021 Updates

A lot of news has come out for Among Us in the last few weeks, and there’s so much more coming in the following weeks. Read here to get a quick summary of all the biggest Among Us news to come out this Summer!

We’re in the height of the summer, and now is a good time to go over all the updates and changes we’ve seen come to Among Us in the last few weeks and talk about what we can expect to see over the next few weeks.

Among Us has seen a huge resurgence of success and popularity since the COVID-19 pandemic began around the beginning of 2020. Originally the game was released in the Summer of 2018 for Android and iOS and a few months later for Windows. So for roughly two years, the game was not available on any console. That is, until Among Us was launched for the Nintendo Switch in December of 2020. Within just a few months, roughly 3 million copies were sold, and it became one of the best-selling games on the Nintendo Switch.

So it comes as no surprise that there would be plans for Among Us to get ported over for the Xbox and PlayStation. But for a long time, there has been only speculation about the details. Recently, a PlayStation database listing became visible, so of course, this strongly suggests that the game will be coming to PlayStation 4 and PS5 at some point in the near future. However, an exact date for when Among Us will be playable on the PlayStation is still yet unknown. That said, some information has come to light that suggests that we may see the PS port as soon as the end of next month! We can’t say we know for sure, so all we can say for now is ‘We’ll see.’

Last month a fairly large update came out for Among Us that increased the max size of the lobby to include as many as 15 players. (The max 10 player lobby is still available). This update also included six new crewmate colors for players to choose from: Banana, Coral, Gray, Maroon, Rose, and Tan. The developers also slightly retouched the design for the crewmates to make them a little smoother.

In just a few days, another update for Among Us will be released. This one will add a new vent-cleaning task for crewmates. One reason why this is so important is that this is more than just a new task, this is an added challenge for imposters to cope with, as imposters will not be able to enter a vent that’s being cleaned, and if the imposter is already in the vent when the crewmate begins cleaning, the Imposter will be caught and forced out of the vent. In many situations, this will expose the Imposter’s identity to other crewmates, as only Imposters can crawl through vents. On the other hand, because cleaning the vents is a task, crewmates will be forced into a situation where they are very likely to get killed stealthily by an Imposter either on the way in or out of a vent. Naturally, this was very likely done with the intent of increasing the variety and number of situations in which crewmates and imposters cross paths.

Some rumors are going around that sometime in the next few weeks, players may see another update to Among Us, including a new ‘Hide & Seek’ game mode, new visor cosmetics, and possibly a new map. If we get any more specific details about it, we will keep you in the loop!

Among Us is an award-winning game available on multiple platforms, including Nintendo Switch, Windows, Android, and iOS, and features crossplay. More than 10 million Steam users own a copy of the game, and it is among the best-selling games on Steam. Currently, plans are for a PlayStation and Xbox release, but specifics on the release date have not yet been officially made public.

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