Among Us – new mods bring an added layer of fun

One of the most popular games in the last couple of years, Among Us, has been a pop-culture lighting-rod, recently attracting the attention of YouTubers SSundee and Sub & Fletch, sharing gameplay with bizarre and hilarious mods.

Top 10 most played game on Steam and The Game Awards 2020 winner in the Best Mobile Game and Best Multiplayer Game categories, Among Us is entering its 3rd year and has been incredibly popular across all platforms, including Nintendo Switch, Windows, Android, and iOS, and featuring cross-play between them all. Innersloth, the publisher and developer of Among Us, currently plans on releasing the game for Xbox One and Xbox Series X and Series S later this year.

Launched into massive popularity by YouTube and Twitch personalities, there has been a significant and rapid growth of fandom surrounding the game, which naturally generates online memes on sites like Reddit and fan-made mods. For a while, the most popular mods for Among Us being used by players created new roles such as mods that added the Sheriff, Mayor, Vampire, Joker or Snitch, or mods that made mostly cosmetic changes like the Color-Changer Mod. Still, recently some have toyed with radically changing gameplay and, therefore, strategy.

One mod, called Money Mod, introduces players’ ability to place a bounty on another player and allows crewmates to kill each other to collect that bounty. Crewmates earn money by completing tasks or by finding bundles of cash distributed around major map locations. Because Impostors cannot complete tasks, they will have to rely entirely upon these bundles of cash. Bounties can be placed in increments of $30, with no upper limit that can be placed. Players can see each other’s bounties, but not their own. When an Emergency Meeting is called, crewmates vote with cash through increments of $5, and whichever player has the highest amount of cash-votes placed on them at the end of the voting period is ejected. However, at the moment, this mod is not available to the public yet. To play, you will need to message the creator Sub through Twitter (@SubZeroExtabyte). That said, given the popularity, it may become publicly downloadable.

Also, by Sub, the Bounce mod allows the Impostor an additional once per minute ability to make all the walls and objects bouncy for a few moments, causing chaos for all players. This gives the Impostor a very unique and new advantage.

Fans of Minecraft might be interested in the new Minecraft-themed mod by LoafX allowing players to adopt roles, like the Enderman, which has the ability to teleport from room to room and pick up other players or play as a Skeleton with the ability to shoot arrows, or as the Creeper which does exactly what a Creeper does, sneak up and explode.

Originally it was planned by InnerSloth to begin work on a sequel, Among Us 2. But in consideration of just how massively popular the original game is, they understood that it made the most sense to cancel that project and just work to continue improving Among Us. Planned include features like more and better servers, accessibility support for the colorblind, and a friends system.

Without a doubt, Among Us is one of the most genuinely fun games available. We can’t wait to see what other hilarious hijinks Among Us gamers will come up with next!

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