Among Us – Limited Run Collector’s Edition

On sale in two days Limited Run is opening preorders for the PC Collector’s Edition for Among Us. If you’re a huge fan of the game you’ll likely enjoy it, but if not you might be disappointed.

Among Us is an award-winning game available on multiple platforms, including Nintendo Switch, Windows, Android, and iOS, and features crossplay. More than 10 million steam users owned a copy of the game and were one of the best-selling games on steam in 2020. Roughly 3 million are playing the Nintendo Switch version, and it is one of the best-selling games for that platform. Currently, there are roughly 500 million players worldwide across all platforms.

InnerSloth, the developers of Among Us, have partnered with Limited Run Games to release a physical Among Us Collector’s Edition for PC. For those unaware, Limited Run specializes in creating physical collector’s editions for games that would otherwise be only available digitally. The Collector’s Edition will be open for preorder on May 11th, 10 am ET. However, those who choose to secure a preorder will likely have to wait a long time before receiving it, as the preorder will be available for six weeks. From there, it may be as much as three to six months before all the shipments have been completed.

The box containing the collector’s edition is designed to be just like the Emergency Meeting button panel. The emergency meeting button itself is removable and features real sounds from the game. Also included in the collector’s edition is a two-sided 18 x 24-inch poster (one side is a White crewmate shushing and the other side is an ejected crewmate), a SteelBook case featuring a red Imposter hiding a knife behind its back, and two CDs containing ambient music from the game, concept art, and interviews. A card including the download code for the game on steam is included, as there is no actual physical copy of the game. Which makes sense because Among Us is online-only, so there isn’t any reason to allow for local single-screen play (as it would make the most important aspect of gameplay, deception, essentially pointless).

On the one hand, the price of $80 is not that unusual for a collector’s edition, particularly for a popular game. We can’t help but note that the game’s base price is normally $5 or less, and what comes in this collector’s edition just might not be worth $75. The emergency button is pretty nifty, but it’s essentially just a novelty toy. You may goof off with it once, and then it goes on a shelf and gathers dust. As for the music CD, honestly, who is going to listen to the music of the game when you could just play the game and hear it anyway? And if you really really wanted to hear it, you can just play the ambient music for free on YouTube. The SteelBook is cool but has limited usefulness. The disc containing concept art is ‘kinda cool, or it would be if you couldn’t already find some of the concept art online with a simple search. So all that’s left is the poster, which we can’t really complain about because it is just a poster.

Honestly, it may be difficult to justify paying $75 for what is essentially the type of novelty stuff that ends up being clutter in your closet or garage, plus a mediocre poster. By all means, if you are a huge fan of Among Us and you have the cash to spend, I’m sure you’ll derive a lot of enjoyment from this, but if you are just an occasional player of Among Us and/or you are on a tight budget, you lose absolutely nothing by passing on this deal.

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