Among Us – Game of the Year?

Among Us is not a typical multiplayer online game. Our goal is, together with other players, to prepare the spaceship for the journey.

Among Us is not a typical multiplayer online game. Our goal is, together with other players, to prepare the spaceship for the journey. During the game, we cooperate and compete with other players. We perform various tasks together, thanks to which we fill a special belt. However, we must be careful and observe the map and camera image to see what other players are doing – among us are hidden saboteurs, which prevent us from completing the task. Saboteurs can spoil various ship components and even kill crew members, so we must find and throw all hidden enemies from the ship if we want to end the game.

Where to buy the cheapest?
Among Us for phones (iOS, Android) is free.
On the steam platform, we can buy in promotion from $3

See current price on Steam

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