Among Rescue

Among Rescue is a puzzle game that is incredibly addictive and fun to play. To play, you simply have to pull the correct pin out of the puzzle to overcome imposters and transport the hero back to safety. While the challenges start off quite simple, they increase in difficulty as you get further into the game. During Among Rescue, you’ll work to complete each level and collect treasures during each game. To finish each level, you’ll need to save all of the gems you win by pulling the pins out in the correct order.

Throughout the game, you’ll find you have to pass various obstacles and imposters, which include lava, acid bombs, and spikes. You’ll work to help your hero survive all of these missions and obstacles, with each level requiring more skill and tougher decision-making challenges. It’s a colorful and exciting game that offers either touch screen or mouse control, depending on your preference. The game takes inspiration from Hero Rescue and Among Us, which is where the title of this game originates from.

The great thing about this game is that it’s neither time nor life limited, so you can enjoy yourself and relax while playing. You’ll use your brain throughout gameplay to complete the challenges, helping you to escape your day-to-day life for a little while.

How to Play Among Rescue

To play this game, you either need to click with your mouse or touch with your finger the pin you’d like to pull out. No other controls are needed!

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