Call of Duty: Warzone – Zombies have invaded Verdansk Hospital

The Outbreak event in Call of Duty: Warzone was supposed to be a showstopper for Season 2 but is actually leaving a lot of players disappointed.

The zombies of Verdansk from Call of Duty: Warzone are continuing to spread throughout the map and are getting more aggressive. Just as in previous zombie outbreak areas, the newly infected hospital has more than enough shambling undead for the player to slay.

Up until very recently, zombies were almost entirely contained within the Verdansk shipyard. But since last week, the Zombie outbreak spread from the Vodianoy cargo ship to the prison. And with the latest update just released, the zombies have now moved to the hospital in the map’s southeast corner.

While the idea of the zombie spread through Verdansk is exciting and has potential, many players have noted that the spread is happening far too slowly to add enough suspense or urgency. There is a lot of legitimacy to that criticism because the Verdansk Zombie event has been going on for several weeks and has only covered about 5% of the map. That’s hardly the type of fast-moving apocalyptic zombie virus that most people have grown to expect based on what we’ve seen in films like World War Z, TV shows like The Walking Dead, or games like Resident Evil.

This event was intended to be a Season 2 big show stopper. What the players had gathered was the map was eventually supposed to fill up with zombies, which would necessitate some kind of tactical nuclear device to wipe out the infection. But what we’re seeing isn’t enough. An increase in the zombies’ numbers, but more like the swarm of zombies is just moving from zone to zone. Relocating the zombies from area to area is not what people expect when they think of a zombie infection. The zombies are supposed to grow in number and overwhelm the entire area, not roam around like a nomadic tribe.

In any case, this zombie infection is supposed to incite a nuclear explosion, and then a new map will be released for Season 3. It’s expected that this season will end in about a month on April 21st. Rumors have it that the new map may be set somewhere in the Ural Mountains, and will be 1980s-themed, and may be reminiscent of the style present in Black Ops Cold War. If that turns out to be the case, exactly how that will be explained in the in-game story is not yet clear.

There are also rumors generated from leaked audio files that suggest Call of Duty: Warzone may be getting a ‘sandbox mode’, featuring all sorts of various activities for players, such as races, obstacle courses, and squad-based events.

Leaked Audio Files:

  • “The area of operation is vast. Explore the activities.”
  •  “5, 4, 3, 2, 1, go.”
  • “Starting timer.”
  • “Starting obstacle course.”
  • “Course complete, that’s a personal best.”
  • “Outgoing lethal fire disabled in a safe zone.”
  •  “Leaving safe zone, weapons hot.”
  • “One lap to go.”
  • “Reach the finish without touching the ground.”
  • “A vehicle is required for this event.”
  • “You need your entire squad to participate in this event.”

This mode of gameplay would be somewhat like the Creative and Party Royale modes in Fortnite. Presumably, this mode could also end up being an area where live or large events could be held.

Regardless, so far, the Outbreak Event has been somewhat lackluster, in our opinion. Things are just moving way too slowly, and there isn’t much content here (even for a free-to-play game) to keep us coming back to play more than an hour every now and then. We’re hoping that the severity of the zombie outbreak will dramatically increase in challenge and quickly.

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