ARK: Survival Evolved – Update 2.51

The latest update to ARK: Survival Evolved is bringing some well-needed fixes and enhancements, along with new PvP content.

ARK: Survival Evolved published and developed by Studio Wildcard, is an action-adventure survival game released in 2017 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows, and in 2018 for iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch. Some reviews were mixed, but overall the public response was good. Even after being out of a few years, the game is still quite popular, and today on Steam, the game has earned just over 300K reviews, 80% of which are Very Positive.

Update 2.51 was very recently released, and while many of the changes are basic fixes and balancing, there were some significant improvements, particularly for PlayStation 5 players. Those playing on the PS5 have been waiting a while for the visual updates, compared to Xbox Series X players who have had theirs since last November when the console launched. Now that they have it, PS5 players can benefit from 4K resolution at up to 60 fps and decreased load times.

One small, but still important change was made to the Hover Skiff, which can no longer use turbo speed when carrying enemy players or tamed enemy creatures (although turbo speed will remain available when carrying allied or wild creatures). It’s possible this change was made to reflect the intent that this vehicle is mostly used for PvE and discourage players from using it in PvP. Perhaps it gave too much advantage in PvP scenarios.

Additionally, according to the patch notes, a new PvP cluster called Cluster B was launched. Cluster B will be a separate cluster from the existing Classic PvP servers. New players will have an opportunity to catch up to the current season progression. Thanks to that, they will be playing on a network with higher rates. Here’s Studio Wildcards patch announcement:

“In 2019, the launch of the Snail Games Initiative, Classic PvP, created an exciting and competitive playing experience for PC players. Throughout the course of the seasons, the meta was watched closely, and changes were made to shake things up and create an experience tailored for PvP gameplay. Today, players can continue on the quest for the ultimate PvP experience with the introduction of Classic Season 4 Cluster B.”

These are the following rules for Classic PvP Cluster B servers:

  • Experience gain, taming, gathering have been quintupled compared to our standard Official Servers (5x)
  • Breeding, hatching, and raising rates have been quadrupled compared to our standard Official Servers (4x)
  • Tribes are set to 25 players max
  • Tribe alliances are disabled, though informal alliances are allowed
  • Servers have a maximum player count of 100
  • These maps will be available: The Island, Scorched Earth, Ragnarok, Valguero, and The Center
  • Tek dinos (Tek Parasaur, Tek Quetzal, Tek Rex, Tek Raptor, Tek Stego), Paracer, Tapejara, and the Titanosaur are not available for taming on Classic PvP
  • All Aberration and Extinction content is unavailable on Classic PvP
  • Scaling of weapon damage has been reduced
  • No TEK Engrams
  • No cave building
  • Cryopods enabled
  • Tamed Stegosaurus Resistance reduced by 35%
  • Tamed Quetzal Resistance reduced by 20%
  • Tamed Wyvern Resistance reduced by 20%
  • Tamed Wyvern Damage reduced by 20%
  • Reaper Queen added to the Valguero Aberration Zone

There were also some recent fixes, such as removing an exploit that allowed players to avoid taking damage from turrets and a bug where the spyglass was not displaying creature names. Various other bugs like invisible bees, instances where the player could escape the ceiling barrier on some maps, and a bug where the Shoulder Cannon was targeting allies on PVE, were all fixed.

All said and done, while very little in Update 2.51 will revolutionize the gameplay in ARK: Survival Evolved absolutely, it certainly can’t be said that nothing is being changed. We’re looking forward to playing in PvP Cluster B. We hope to see you there!

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